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"How to massively grow your organic traffic without wasting time constantly researching, learning, and trying to figure out 
your SEO next steps..."
Choose from the following Dates:
February 25th - 26th, 2020 (New date)

Would you like us to come to you and host a private SEO Retreat?  If you have a mastermind group of 6 or more, we will come to you!  Please feel free to email hilary@everythingdigitalmarketing.com to request a location and dates.

Location: Austin, Texas 
Venue: Come join us in the heart of downtown at WeWork, a modern location perfectly capturing the Austin feel. 600 Congress Ave (Floor 14), Austin, TX 78701

By the end of this exclusive SEO Retreat, you'll walk away  with the following:

* A detailed SEO Audit
* Personalized data from 16 different SEO tools (both free and paid)
* 3-month customized strategy in personalized Trello Boards
* Two days of personlized instruction and implementation on tools such as SEMRush, AHREFs, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Keywords Everywhere, and so much more!
* Lifetime Access to Everything Digital Marketing SEO MasterClass with over 90 modules ($497 value)
* Access to private Facebook group to ask Ty questions and weekly Facebook Lives with Ty Kilgore

We're going to deep dive into your personal SEO audit and data while having priceless face-to-face instruction at the SEO Retreat. 
In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this exclusive SEO Retreat:

* You will literally know the exact tweaks, changes, and improvements for immediate spikes in traffic...

* You will no longer have to guess what your next post or next move will be...

* You'll start seeing immediate impact just like past attendees who have already had massive increase in organic traffic in just a few days after implementing the strategies given them...

* There will be no more guessing and no more wasted time researching SEO when you should just be creating... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this exclusive SEO Retreat where you can stop endlessly researching and learning about SEO and just GO CREATE CONTENT you love.

SOOO excited to have you join us!

You'll have more time to actually create content instead of painfully researching answers to your questions or making mistakes you have to go back and fix later on.
When you start getting traffic pouring in, you'll know your efforts have not been wasted and thousands of new users will view your hard work!
When you have a crazy increase in organic traffic, think of how satisfying it will be knowing people are coming to your site because of YOUR hard work.
It can feel frustrating, lonely, and discouraging when you see others rank content ahead of you, however, you no longer will feel this way! YOUR posts will quickly be the ones ranking above those other big guys.
Tyler Kilgore
My name is Ty Kilgore and I am an expert in SEO and Digital Marketing.
I've successfully executed digital marketing for over 150 MAJOR sites in over 40 industries including companies like Verizon, Pingdom, Frontier, Dell, Mary Kay, McGraw Hill, CityPass, ZAGG, and many more. Through my methods, I've been able to successfully rank 13,982 KEYWORDS and counting!

In order to start having crazy SEO success, the best time to start was 6 months ago. The next best time to start is NOW! This SEO Retreat is going to give you everything you need in order to clearly and painlessly execute your professional SEO strategy.
If I already purchased a ticket to Everything Food Conference prior to purchasing a ticket to the SEO Retreat, do I get a refund for my EFC ticket since I get one free ticket with the SEO Retreat?

YES!  Once you purchase your SEO Retreat ticket, we will refund your EFC ticket.

When do you recommend I fly in and fly out for the retreat?

Since the retreat will be two full days, we recommend you fly in the day prior to the retreat and fly out the day after the retreat concludes.

Can I bring my spouse, business partner, and/or teammember to the retreat with me?

You can bring one additional teammate to the retreat as long as they work on the exact same website as you.  Any additional person from your team who works on your website above the 'plus one' will be an additional $200 in order to cover additional meals, venue costs, etc. 

Can I get a refund or cancel?

Since all the work (audit, strategy, data mining, etc.) is completed prior to the actual retreat, there are no refunds.  If you are unable to attend the original dates registered for, you will have the option to reschedule one time to different dates.  If you have any questions, please email Hilary at hilary@everythingdigitalmarketing.com for any additional questions.

Can I change my dates?

If you are registered and unable to make your current dates, please contact Hilary at hilary@everythingdigitalmarketing.com to discuss possible options.

Again, here's everything you'll get with the SEO Retreat...

  • SEO Technical Audit - $1500 value
  • ​Personalized data from 14 different SEO tools (both free and paid) - $1000 value
  • ​3-month customized strategy in personalized Trello Boards - $1500 value
  • ​Lifetime access to Everything Digital Marketing SEO MasterClass (over 90 modules) - $497 value
  • ​One Everything Food Conference Ticket - $500 value
  • Additional Bonuses Include:
  • ​Lifetime access to a private Facebook group (Ty available to answer ALL your SEO questions) - priceless
  • ​Weekly Facebook Lives customized towards your questions - priceless
  • TOTAL VALUE - $4,997
  • ACTUAL PRICE - $3,000
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P.S. - Every minute you wait is another minute you prevent yourself from top rankings, increasing your traffic, increasing your ad revenue, and clearly and confidently taking control of your own strategic, SEO plan.

Act now before the SEO Retreart reaches capacity and closes!
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